Sterling Vacuums, Wet/Dry and Upright

Professional HEPA Products

Independantly tested and certified HEPA filters are 99.97% efficient at .3 microns. Tank, canister, portable & backpacks & HEPA air scrubbers.


Tested & Certified HEPA FIlters

Bob Eukovich explains the benefits of using HEPAPro vacuums and their independently tested and certified HEPA filtration.


6 & 10 qt Backpacks

Get HEPAPro independantly tested and certified filtration in electric or battery operated 6 or 10 qt. backpack HEPA vacuums.


Quality, High-Value Equipment for Professional Cleaning

OSHA issued a new rul on Crystalline Silia in construction. Read here how it will impact your business. HEPAPro vacuums can help you meet these new rules with their indepentantly tested and certified HEPA filters.


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